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Design and deploy RFID systems to streamline the Supply Chain in a variety of industries and applications

TAGSYS RFID, the leading provider of item-level inventory management systems that streamline the supply chain, has secured a leadership position in the global RFID industry by delivering innovative and highly reliable systems to more than 400 customers in 40+ countries.

For over 15 years, the company has been delivering RFID supply chain solutions in two growth market segments which are currently driving RFID deployments: High-End Goods Retail such as Jewelry and Apparel, and Professional Textile Services such as Rental Uniforms and Hospitality Linen.


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Our expertise on RFID research and development, and our focus on solving customer issues have given us the depth and breadth unmatched in the industry. We have an outstanding track record of technological innovation that results in direct business benefits for item-level asset tracking. Our strengths include:

  • A unique One-Stop-Shop commercial offering – With TAGSYS you are working with a single point of contact for your implementation. With us, you won’t get a team of third party suppliers and system integrators, which can quickly become a finger pointing exercise when something goes wrong. Our system’s implementation evolves with your needs and growth.
  • The largest dedicated RFID R&D program – With a rich portfolio of unmatched RFID IP and a track record of industry firsts, TAGSYS currently leads the largest R&D expenditure in the industry focused on expanding the potential of RFID, in close collaboration with world renowned academic and research partners. Our focus is on continued improvement of the performance and capabilities of RFID, and wireless sensing in general, so that it becomes even more ubiquitous and easy to use for companies and end users. No one else in the industry is as singularly focused on the evolution of RFID as TAGSYS, which means our solutions will evolve with the technology and your needs.
  • The first modular RFID system – TAGSYS provides the first and only end-to-end scalable and modular system able to cover a supply chain deployment from manufacturing to retail floor and make sure you get the most value and ROE/ROI from your investment.
  • RFID technology agnostic approach – Our systems are technology agnostic and support ongoing technology convergence.
  • Worldwide operations capabilities and Partners – Working with our international partner network, we provide complete, end-to-end industry-specific solutions —from business process analysis to RFID infrastructure design to application software, product labeling and complete system integration on a local basis.

TAGSYS has a proven ability to provide complete RFID systems guaranteed to work—and guaranteed to deliver value for our customers.


"In our opinion, TAGSYS' market strategy is a prime example of how to successfully drive sales of a burgeoning technology. We can talk about how wonderful the technology is. We can talk about how prices are "going" to come down. But, the real thing we should be doing is searching for places where there is a critical need for the technology. Then, try to understand every aspect of that niche. Develop a complete solution, that is easily installed, and modular by nature, so customers can quickly adopt, see immediate benefits and ROIs, and add to their systems as their needs increase. That's the way to sell technology."

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With over 15 years of experience, TAGSYS has helped over 500 customers in 40 different countries realize the benefits of this technology. We’ve built and deployed some of the largest volume RFID systems in the world and applied our products and expertise to hundreds of specialized applications. To learn about how our expertise has been put in practice, browse some of our case studies

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