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RFID Asset Tracking

Using RFID for item-level asset tracking is TAGSYS’ core focus, and we foresee dramatic growth in the next few years, with disproportionate growth to the RFID market as a whole.

The RFID market for closed loop (or asset tracking) applications, where articles circulate frequently, has historically been quite strong since the cost of tagging the articles is offset by the frequent use of the tags.

Reduce your operational costs in asset tracking with TAGSYS RFID systems

In asset tracking applications, the tag has a long life and is used through tens or hundreds of cycles. The primary applications for closed loop RFID tags are applications that involve reusable or rental assets such as LPG cylinders, library items, laundry items and other supply-chain applications where the assets periodically circulate through the system. Necessary features in closed loop applications are long life RFID tags, system’s durability, ability to perform under sometimes hostile industrial conditions, and capacity of suppliers to provide a complete turnkey RFID system, plug and play in the existing item handling infrastructure of the customers.

Complete RFID Solutions

Working with our partners, we provide complete, end-to-end solutions—from business process analysis to RFID infrastructure design to application software, product labeling and complete system integration.

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