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RFID Inventory Management

The most powerful technology for inventory control and management

From retail stores to libraries, accurate inventory visibility is critical to optimizing business management processes and reducing unnecessary losses stemming from poor customer service and product availability. RFID is potentially the most powerful technology for managing inventory because of its ability to reduce the time it takes to perform inventory, thereby providing enterprises with real time visibility into the products on the shelves. A typical inventory cycle, without RFID, takes 2-3 days and is only performed 2-3 times per year. With the use of RFID technology, inventories can now be performed daily, typically requiring only one employee and under 2 hours.

These kinds of improvements in inventory time, allow RFID users to take immediate advantage to the inventory data and make real-time decisions on stock availability. Data gathered through real-time inventory is used not only to improve the customer experience and increase sales, but also to streamline operations and reduce overall costs.

Complete RFID Solutions

Working with our partners, we provide complete, end-to-end solutions—from business process analysis to RFID infrastructure design to application software, product labeling and complete system integration.

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