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RFID Process Automation & Self Service

The use of RFID in manufacturing process automation is becoming increasingly popular in various industries. Integrating RFID infrastructure in a manufacturing process enables to rapidly (‘on-the-fly’) capture and harness real-time pertinent data on a uniquely identifiable product or component at point-of-needs during the manufacturing and assembly procedures. RFID can therefore contribute to rapid logistics decision-making for the re-allocation of production resources and rectification of bottleneck problems to meet tight delivery schedules.

Optimize your Process Automation and Self-Service Applications with TAGSYS RFID systems

Self service applications have also proven to elevating the customer experience. Whether it is through quicker customer service, providing additional content or automating previously complicated tasks, the customer experience is key to not only retaining customers but also building a strong brand associated with value-added customer benefits to aid in new client acquisition. The use of RFID in customer service automation can be segmented into two categories, enabling services to be performed faster using the current methods and completely automating processes to enable self serve applications. Current services such as Point-of-Sale technology, can be RFID-empowered to quickly check-out multiple items at once while greatly reducing the wait times in retail and library environments. The self serve use of RFID includes automatic dispenser appliances used for tracking and dispensing assets within an organization such as scrubs or medical devices in a hospital.

Complete RFID Solutions

Working with our partners, we provide complete, end-to-end solutions—from business process analysis to RFID infrastructure design to application software, product labeling and complete system integration.

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