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RFID Product Authentication

Fighting counterfeiting with RFID

Counterfeiting is a problem that is prevalent throughout the world, and a significant source of loss in sales, profit and quality image in many industries including the pharmaceutical, entertainment, consumer electronics, medical devices, retail, and IT sectors. Cheap alternatives for expensive products are bound to sell - but at what cost? To answer the question simply, it is at the loss of the original products.

Saving lives with RFID

With pharmaceutical and medical devices, moreover, counterfeit items can lead to injury and, in some cases, fatality. The numbers are astounding and the stakes couldn’t be higher for consumers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Up to 7 percent of all drugs in the international supply chain may be counterfeit. Retail and pharmaceutical markets must absorb more than $2 billion in product returns each year caused by overstocked or outdated products.

Drug manufacturers are fighting a losing battle to ensure that their drugs do not get counterfeited and illegally sold - a seemingly perfect solution to this problem can be found in RFID today. By utilizing unique identifiers provided in RFID tags, consumers and manufacturers can utilize simple methods to ensure that the product is authentic ensuring a simple solution to growing epidemic of counterfeiting.

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