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RFID Supply Chain Management

While RFID is now used in a broad range of applications, emphasis is shifting increasingly to usage in the supply chain. RFID can have a significant impact on every facet of supply chain management—from the ordinary, such as moving goods through loading docks, to the complex, such as managing terabytes of data as information about goods on hand is collected in real time.

Optimize your Supply Chain and Logistics with TAGSYS RFID systems

In supply chain applications, the tracked object is not returned to the source and therefore the RFID tag is lost after use. Various scenarios are continually explored to address open chain applications, representing significant potential volumes including express mail and package tracking, textile distribution, food distribution, and retail applications where RFID tags may ultimately complement bar codes on valuable items.

RFID is also being used to manage the identification of large lots of goods—for example, at the pallet and carton levels. RFID tags, therefore, have unique serial identifier information that associates each lot with a corresponding bill of lading sent from the originator. Because RFID readers can scan tags many times during a one-second period, the serial identifier prevents the application making the data request from getting multiple counts of the same items.

Airline Logistics:

Enhancing Passenger Experience with TAGSYS RFID Solutions

When a new technology emerges, airlines must assess whether the benefits of early adoption will outweigh the risks and challenges, as costly errors can be made through hasty implementation. An inventive change by Qantas Australian Airlines to passenger experience using RFID UHF technology from TAGSYS has shown that it is a carrier capable of swiftly envisaging how best to use the latest technologies to enhance working processes. While the use of RFID technology in airports is nothing new, TAGSYS has designed an innovative UHF tag, the Q Bag Tag, enabling faster, smarter check-ins with a scope beyond any previous use. Initial RFID baggage tracking solutions had relied on single-use disposable tags and only focused on improving baggage sorting after check-in. Qantas’s system also addresses the front end of the process with the aim of simplifying a passenger’s complete journey through an airport while improving the efficiency and accuracy of baggage sortation. Click here to read more on this deployment.

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Working with our partners, we provide complete, end-to-end solutions—from business process analysis to RFID infrastructure design to application software, product labeling and complete system integration.

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