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RFID Theft Prevention

The Power of RFID

Traditional methods for theft prevention have a limitation of single use devices designed for preventing theft and not providing any additional visibility into the items being stolen. The benefit of RFID in loss prevention is that it can simultaneously be used for theft prevention, inventory controls, supply chain optimization and other processes with one device. By installing RFID devices on high-value consumer and industrial products further back in the supply chain such as at the point of manufacturing or distribution, theft management becomes an additional benefit rather than a single application. In addition, RFID data can be processed and managed in real-time to remove erroneous information such as duplicate reads and generate actionable business information, such as statistics and reports.

The ROI (Return on Investment) of using a single device for multiple applications become obvious as the cost of RFID can be distributed throughout multiple applications.

RFID Theft Prevention in a variety of industries

RFID theft prevention has been leveraged in several industries where RFID tags are being deployed for supply chain or asset tracking. Markets such as retail, library and healthcare are utilizing RFID for internal track and trace applications and further leveraging the infrastructure to prevent RFID enabled devices from being stolen.

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