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RFID Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Solutions

TAGSYS RFID solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

TAGSYS is a pioneer in enabling the adoption of RFID in the pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. While other companies continue to fuel the HF vs. UHF debate, TAGSYS has developed both HF and UHF solutions. Our approach is to innovate beyond the current state of the art in RFID to provide the reliability, interoperability and manageability that will leverage the characteristics of RFID to their full advantage according to the needs of our customers.

Since 2007, Pfizer has endorsed our RFID tunnels, readers and tags platforms to improve the manufacturing and distribution management of their legacy product, the Viagra®, in an effort to protect the pharmaceutical supply chain, and ultimately consumers, from counterfeit and black marketed drugs.

Purpose-Built RFID for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Our RFID infrastructure is used in many health-sensitive applications where patient security is at stake, such as the identification of vaccine vials, syringes and blister packs, keeping track and authenticating the tissues samples and liquids they carry.

One of the fastest growth healthcare-related applications is the management of hospital gowns, scrubs and linen as well as textile products used by cleaning agents such as mops, to ensure:

  • proper usage to follow regulations and medical practices (including making sure contaminated textile products are not manually handled and properly washed)
  • 24/7 availability (for this purpose we provide RFID-enabled cabinets, dispensers and smart return chutes for garments and mops)
  • improved logistics and reduced operational costs.

See our offer for Textile Services.

Working with our partners, we provide a complete, end-to-end solution—from business process analysis to RFID infrastructure design to application software, product labeling and complete system integration. Our product innovation is coupled with the experience derived from supporting the largest pharmaceutical and medical RFID deployments in the world.

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