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Our Quality Mission Statement

At TAGSYS, a focus on quality underlies every engineering decision, every cross-functional team, every network installation, and every customer contact.

Our Quality department:

  • Facilitates pursuit of quality and customer service standards across the company
  • Provides the infrastructure for TAGSYS’ Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Promotes the continuous improvement of products and processes

We have successfully completed the ISO 9001:2008 registration process, and therefore commit to continuing our quality efforts throughout our supply chain from systems design to customer excellence, as verified by independent, semi-annual surveillance audits.

Our Quality Mission Statement is to strive to satisfy our customers at each contact point every time they conduct business with TAGSYS.

For technical assistance on a recently acquired TAGSYS product, please contact: support@tagsysrfid.com
For product returns, please contact: rma@tagsysrfid.com

Our Quality Controls

Our Quality Assurance Department controls the quality of each product we ship to our customers around the world.
Measurements made on random production samples also enable us to monitor and provide information on how our production lines are performing with respect to the customer and the regulatory requirements. Thorough analysis, including those of defect or shortfall in performance, provides us valuable information for improving even better our production processes where required.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

In addition to our Quality commitment, we look into respecting and protecting the environment in our business processes. Through our ISO 14001 compliance, TAGSYS demonstrates its commitment to pollution prevention, environmental regulatory compliance and continual improvement, as well as our dedication to our employees and community. View our Quality Policy.


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With over 15 years of experience, TAGSYS has helped over 500 customers in 40 different countries realize the benefits of this technology. We’ve built and deployed some of the largest volume RFID systems in the world and applied our products and expertise to hundreds of specialized applications. To learn about how our expertise has been put in practice, browse some of our case studies

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