TAGSYS wins Best RFID Technological Innovation Award at CNRFID's International RFID Congress 2015 for its unique and patented 3D Digital Store Platform for real-time item-level inventory visibility and localization. 


TAGSYS RFID is a leading provider of item-level inventory management systems based on RFID technologies.

Who we are

Luxury and Apparel Retail

TAGSYS’ [FiTS] breaks new grounds in how RFID-based inventory can drive tangible value in the Apparel, Luxury and Retail industry.

Built on a proven technology foundation and optimized to deliver on the promise of RFID, it’s a complete system with hardware, software and the deepest experience in the business.

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RFID Retail Compliance Programs

TAGSYS has been selected by US retailers as a preferred supplier to support their RFID Retail Compliance Program.

As a leading RFID player, we can assist you with your immediate needs and take you even further with a comprehensive RFID compliance solution.

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Textile Rental Services

[ACUITY] is our fully integrated and scalable RFID-based inventory visibility and management system for the Textile Rental Services industry.

[ACUITY] includes industry leading UHF Tags and Stations, Gateways and Servers, all designed to work in industrial laundry environments and their customer sites.

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RFID Product Intelligence

TAGSYS engineers RFID into your products to deliver maximum value from the point of manufacture, through retail and into your customer’s hands.

Cost-effective, modular readers work in open retail and even home environments to communicate your product’s brand, origin, features, history, and integrity across its useful life.

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